Atomic Krew BBQ Night@ ICONX this SATURDAY!/本周六生滑极限运动烧烤派对!

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Atomic Krew BBQ Night@ ICONX this SATURDAY!/本周六生滑极限运动烧烤派对!


你是不是热爱户外运动,也热爱音乐?你是不是在寻找更多像你一样酷酷的,不失品味的人?本周六,生滑Atomic Krew 将在ICONX室内滑板室举行极限运动烧烤派对


这次,生滑Atomic Krew邀请到了不少优秀的音乐家:Misloop(hiphop),DJ JamJar(小众摇滚 Indie Rock),SoundScape(world music)Jammala(现场鼓队),Zebre Rouge(电子音乐 Dub live set),以及更多..

更令人期待的是,生滑Atomic Krew将举办由加州著名滑板品牌DUSTERS,飞宇科技, SkullCandy耳机,Perrier巴黎水等赞助的抽奖活动!Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download



Are you one of the cool kids who love extreme sports and good music? Are you looking for those cool kids who are just as rad as you? This SATURDAY, Atomic Krew is going to have a BBQ party for all the extreme sports lovers at ICONX!

There will be a free van leaving from the bar Mokkos (yanping road) to ICONX. Bring your gears to party with your squad! If you happen to have none, we will be providing boards and roller shoes:)

This time Atomic Krew has invited a couple of excellent musicians: Misloop(hiphop),DJ JamJar(Indie Rock),SoundScape(world music),Jammala(live drum set),Zebre Rouge(Dub live set),and more..

Moreover, Atomic Krew will have a lucky draw sponsored by Californian Skateboarding brand DUSTERS, Feiyu Technology, Skullcandy earphone, Perrier water and more!

Time: Saturday June 27th 5 p.m. to 5 a.m.

Location: Longwu Road No.1594 near Luoxiu Road @ ICONX indoor skatepark

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