We are a skateboarding company located downtown Shanghai. Not only do we have a skate shop, but we’ve also built Shanghai’s first indoor skatepark and give skateboarding lessons for all ages and abilities. We’re all passionate, lifelong skateboarders and love meeting new people. Our biggest goal is to get more people skating in Shanghai and throughout China

Why are we UNIQUE? :

•ŸENVIRONMENT At ICONX you learn in an international environment
Ÿ•COMPETITIONS We organize multiple competitions each year
•ŸMATERIAL We use the best skateboard material for our members
Ÿ•PROFESSIONAL We have multinational professional and experienced coaches
•ŸTRAINING We train our own coaches
Ÿ•SAFETY Safety is our number one rule. Pads and helmet are mandatory
•ŸBRANDS At our pro-shop we offer products of the best quality brands

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