Family Event

Fun experiences for families and kids

Enjoy new fun experiences with the whole family right here in Shanghai. Activity for kids in all ages.

We at IconX Shanghai offer the possibilty for a day of enjoyment and new experiences, while learning and by introducing the true art of skateboarding.

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Have you ever wanted to learn how to skate, or maybe you want to introduce a fun hobby for your children? Or Maybe you are just looking for a fun weekend activty.

We offer an exiting day packed with activities from the obligatory introduction to skateboard, fun activities and a cool skateboard package from Iconx.

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Getting started!

If you are interested in a fun day packed with activities for both kids and families, please see our terms and conditions below.

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3 Hours Family Event 家庭活动
1.5 Hours小时 Skateboard Lesson滑板课程 Including Ice Breaker/Skateboarding Warm up包含破冰活动及热身
1.5 Hours小时 After Class Event 课后活动(Optional任选) Skateboard Package组装滑板课程 /Skateboard DIY 滑板DIY /Skateboard Filming 滑板拍摄 /Riverside Skatepark 户外滑板场体验 /Water Fun 水枪大战
Remark备注: Advance Reserve需预定 (At least 10 families至少10个家庭起订)
Price价格: 500CNY 元 /1 child+1 adult一儿童+一成人


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