Iconx Summer Camp

Iconx Experience Skateboarding Summer Camp 滑板夏令营

Mon-FRI 周一至周五


5-15 years old岁

ICONX Indoor has ten 1-week summer skateboard camps from June to August for kids aged 5-15, with each camp running from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The program has been crafted to focus on skateboard skill-building and competition, academic enrichment and support, leadership and character development, health and nutrition, and exposure to different parks throughout the city. The cost of each 1-week summer camp is ¥2,799 (Extra fee: nutritious meals by Little Spoonful ).

今年6月至8月,ICONX室内滑板场将提供10场适合5至15岁孩童参加的滑板夏令营,每场夏令营为期一周,从周一至周五上午9点到下午4点。课程着重于滑板技巧的建立与竞技,充实相关知识并培养孩子的领导能力与品格,以及对于健康和营养的知识补充。学员亦将探索市区不同的绿地公园。每个为期一周的夏令营费用为2,799元,费用不包含由Little Spoonful提供的营养餐(需要提前预定另收费用)。

Summer Camp 夏令营
Monday to Friday Time Table周一至周五课程作息 Register 报道 /Assemble 集合
Ice Breaker/Skateboarding Warm up
Skateboard Lesson 滑板课
Lunch 午饭
Skateboard Lesson 滑板课
Refreshment 茶歇
After Class Activities 课后活动 Skateboard Package组装滑板课程 /Skateboard DIY 滑板DIY /Skateboard Filming 滑板拍摄 /Riverside Skatepark 户外滑板场体验 /Water Fun 水枪大战

Daily Shuttle Bus From Downtown Puxi每日提供浦西市中心至徐汇大巴

Learn to skate and have fun on your board学习滑板技巧享受滑板的乐趣

Improve courage and perseverance提高自己的勇气和毅力

New Friends 认识新的朋友

Visting other skateparks 其他滑板场滑板

DIY paint on skateboard studio DIY滑板工作室

Learn foreign languages 学习外语

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(Coach & Students教练与学员们)

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(Ice Breaker破冰活动)

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image008 (1)

(Skateboarding Warm up 热身)

image012 image010 (1) image014 image016

(Skateboard Lesson 滑板课)

image018 image020

(Lunch 午餐)


(Water Fun 水枪大战)


(Skateboard DIY 滑板DIY)

image026 image028 image030

(Riverside Skatepark户外滑板场体验)


(Skateboard Package组装滑板课程)


(Skateboard Filming 滑板拍摄)



(Other Activities其他课外活动)



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