QUICK INFO – Admittance

The indoor skatepark is open on Tuesdays & Thursdays 6:30-9 PM and Saturdays & Sundays from 5-8 PM for open skate. Sessions are 50 RMB, or 25 RMB after purchasing the 100 RMB annual membership.

If you don’t want to pay each time you come skate, there’s the unlimited annual membership for 650 RMB which gets you into every open session for 1 year.


Open sessions: Tuesdays & Thursdays 6:30-9 PM and Saturdays & Sundays from 5-8 PM


No one really likes rules, but to keep things safe and orderly, we please ask that you adhere to the following:

You must wear a helmet. If you don’t have a helmet, you can borrow one from us for the session. If you’re a beginner, or are looking for some extra reassurance, we’d recommend wearing knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards.

No smoking in the park. If you’re going to smoke, please do it outside.

Make sure you respect the the Iconx Indoor Skatepark and everyone using it. Be aware of your surroundings and try not to drop in on anyone! Also, one skater on the mini-ramp at a time.

Read more about the frequently asked questions here


Everyone must sign a waiver on their first visit. If you’re under 18, you must have it signed by a parent or legal guardian. Once your waiver is on file, all you have to do is give us your name and you’ll be all set to skate for future sessions.


At the moment, BMX bikes are not permitted in the skatepark – our apologies. The park has been designed to accommodate skateboarders and for the safety of everyone using the park, we have to restrict BMX access. Sorry about that. Scooters and inline skaters are welcomed, just remember that the described rules are meant for everyone. Skateboard, inliners or scooters.


We need you to stay hydrated! Even with our refreshing aircondition running at all times, you get sweaty and if you’re like me, your tee shirt is probably going to be soaked within the hour…especially during the upcoming summer months. If you drink water or some sort of sports drink throughout your session, you’ll skate better.

Trust me. Your body needs to stay hydrated. If you neglect drinking, you’ll probably cramp up and it’ll definitely affect your skating. Also, hydrating is more affective if done regularly during activity. Try to avoid skating for 2 hours only to realize you haven’t taken a sip of water.


It’s easy. Just check out the directions tab below. If you’re taking a cab, the address is:

3399 LongTeng Ave, Xuhui, Shanghai, China 200231. Nearest intersection is where Longtech Avenue meets Dong’an road.

Our Skatepark is located within a newly build area. There are 2 entrances to the area, both easy to find and visible from the outside. The area is located on Dong’an road, where Long Tech Avenue and Dong’an road meets.

上海市徐汇区龙腾大道3399号 (近东安路)


While it may not be located directly off a subway line, our indoor skatepark is still very easy to get to. If you’re coming from downtown Shanghai, it’s under an hour and usually less than 6 RMB via subway & bus.

Trust us, we’ve gone back-and-forth from our shop to skatepark countless times, trying every route and transportation method we could conjure up.
Our skatepark is located at 3399 LongTeng Ave, Xuhui, Shanghai. Our suggested route:
Take the Line 7 metro to Middle Longhua Station exit 5. The entrance to the skatepark is a small 5 minute walk from the Metro station, just head straight down Dong’an road and the inclosed area will be visible far away. There are two entrances to the area, located at each corner.
If Line 7 isn’t convenient for you, you can take line 12 instead. Follow same directions as described above: