By July 2017 ICONX moved from our previous location to a brand newly build area located in the beautiful West Bund area, surrounded by undiscovered skatespots, an outdoor skatepark and other outdoors sports facilities lies our newly builded ICONX indoor skatepark.

We placed our new skatepark in an area with a lot of potential and aspirations, the West Bund area is a blooming melting pot of creative ideas and new growing business. With the beautifull scenery of the penetrating lake and peaceful nature spots in our back yard, our location is perfect for both indoor skating and outdoor discovery.

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While the park is still in the works, it currently features a perfect mini ramp, a small street section with adjustable square handrails, ramps in different sizes, different sized boxes and an outdoor area where only your imagination is the limit. A perfect place for practicing that one thing that keeps messing up your landing, perfecting a flip or just a casual sunday session. The skatepark is also perfect for beginners, intermediate and more skilled skaters.

Our skatepark is build around the ICONX concepts where learning, growing and perfecting skills play a big role. The skateparks adjustable segments and spots can be rearranged, creating new opportunities.

Our new location welcomes creative thinking and skaters can move our segments fitting their needs or for a specific training session. At ICONX you won’t find a huge bowl, that only Tony Hawk has the ability to skate, but you will find a welcoming learning environment fitting skaters in all ages and abilities.

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Below you can see our facilities, ramps and a walk through the surrounding area.

Our newly installed mini ramp.

A complication of our different boxes and adjustable squaire handrails.

A view of our outdoor area, perfect for some high speed practice and small street spots.

Discover the beautiful surroundings around our skatepark.

The outdoor skate area near our Skatepark.




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