From high fashion photoshoots to the most famous skate brand in the world. At ICONX we love skateboarding so much that it radioates through our whole company, sharing our great passion and environment with anyone willingly to become a part of the ICONX community.

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We at ICONX love to work with people that are passionate about the things they do, whether it is for the love of fashion or sports. Working together and creating connections between skateboarding and other industries gives us a boost to keep the passion for skateboarding alive.

Next to our own Skateboard events, we let private companies hire the ICONX Indoor Skate Park. Skateboarding has become a real hype all around the globe, professionals in film, fashion and events like to use our park as the background for making their art.

For us at ICONX to be able to share our love of skateboarding with others is a true blessing, before being a business we are first an organisation that strives to spread the love for skateboarding in all of China. One city at a time!

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Shanghai is a skateboarding bubble about to blow, with thousands of skate spots and sick rails still left undiscovered. The skate scene in China has been on a rise since the early 90’s and it’s final breakthrough is closer then you think.

We at ICONX want to be one of the leaders and pioneers of spreading the word and passion for skateboarding. That is why we welcome all forms of collaboration with a open mind.

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In the past our blooming environment and location has been used by many different organisations and for various events. Below you see some pictures of a photo-shoot for the famous Chinese fashion magazine Modern Lady that took place in our skate park.

Other events1(1)

We got a visit from the one and only world-famous skate brand VANS, that chose our skate park to organize their big Shanghai commercial event to promote skateboarding in China. The event was packed and included big names from the global skate scene.

Below is a shot from the crazy event.




The VANS China tour “Wish you were here” brought a lot of attention towards the Chinese skating scene, a wave of interest and a growing passion for Skateboarding is showing. Giving us hope for a bigger Chinese skate scene and a growing culture.

Don’t forget to check out the awesome outcome of the big VANS Chinese tour, showcased in this beautiful video showing how cool skating in Shanghai can be.

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