Ever looked at those cool skateboarders flying through the air while making acrobatics with their boards, and thought “I wish that could be me”

We at ICONX have a burning love for the art of skateboarding and a obsessive wish to shared that love, with anybody who’s willingly to listen.

As Shanghai’s first and biggest provider of skateboard lessons we are proud to see our students becoming the next generation of professional skateboarders. Over the past years we have seen kids growing from beginners to little rippers.

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ICONX is the only skateboard organisation in Shanghai that provides a structured proffesionel training, with a talented roster of coaches. Both English and Chinese speaking.

All of our coaches have been through a numbers of classes instructing them in how to teach kids in all of ages and levels. Our classes are taught after the ICONX principles which includes safety rules, class behaviour and respect for the coaches.

ICONX is the only skateboard organisation in Shanghai that provides a high level of teaching, structured classes taught by both English and Chinese speaking staff and a supporting professionel staff.

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We at ICONX believes skateboarding is a positive experience and can be a great influence on life. Our education focuses on developing the mind and the body through bravery, confidence, dedication, balance, coordination and strength. Allowing children to be children, but slowly strenghtening their body and mental health.

We have held several competitions and camps at our indoor skate park, thus creating a safe and stable learning  environment for kids in all ages. Our location and equitment provide students the opportunity to show off everything they have learned during the classes, whether it is improving the basic skills or showing off a new flip trick.

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