Looking for a fun and exiting activity for your school or organisation?

We at ICONX love skateboarding and wish to share our passion with as many as possible! Try out the thrills of skateboarding with the best skateboard school in Shanghai.

ICONX organizes after school programs for international and national schools in Shanghai. These programs consists sportive and educative classes where kids can learn the basics of skateboarding by having lots of fun. We are the only skateboard organisation in Shanghai that provides classes with high level teachers, proffesionel staff and a structured learning environment.

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What we offer at ICONX is a fun, proffesional and structured learning environemt for kids in all ages and levels. We have highly trained staff, both Chinese and English speaking who has all been through a series of courses to attain the knowledge of teaching and interacting with children.

We at ICONX believe that skateboarding can have a great positive influence on a person’s life, and our professional coaches are always happy to teach this wonderful sport to our students.

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Gettting started

We offer different packages of training suited to your needs, and depending on the amount of students and level, we can design a specific program for your organisation.

Worried about location or equitment? We can bring our skatepark to you, with all the necessary safety equitment and skateboarding gear.

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If you are a school or an institution that is interested in doing something fun and original after the school hours, please feel free to contact us to book some classes.

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Why try out skateboarding?

Skateboarding is a lot of fun! And not fun like playing a video game is fun – skateboarding is that deep kind of fun that gets down into your gut.

Learning and landing a new trick, feeling the burn and the wind as you fly down the sidewalk, the click-clack sounds and crack of the tail as you olly, the pull of gravity and you bend your knees and push up a ramp or around a corner – skating rocks!

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