A Big Thanks

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A Big Thanks

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感谢Kate and Kimi为我们提供的美味甜点,同时致谢赞助我们此次活动的Go Pro和Skullcandy。


On behalf of everyone at Iconx, we would like to say a huge thanks to all who joined us for the Hawaiian Beach Party last Saturday. It was an honour sharing our passion for skateboarding with you and your family. We were going beach mad, 翻墙 and our paddling pool was certainly a welcome refreshment from the heat. We will be using the pool for the rest of the summer so feel free to bring your swimming costume when joining us for our weekly skateboard lessons, camps and summer camp.

Take a look at a few of the snaps from the event.

A big thanks to Kate & Kimi for providing their delicious snacks, and also Go Pro and Skullcandy for sponsoring this event.

Our next family event at the indoor skate park will be on Saturday 12th September. It will be a ‘Back to School’ Party. Jot this date in your diary and look out for info about the surprises in store for this event, COMING SOON.